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GamesOnTrack Facilities
GamesOntrack New Office facilities at Nygade 12, 7500 Holstebro,


GamesOnTrack® launches GT-Drone at the Toy Fair 2016

GamesOnTrack has launched a GT-Drone application using the well know GT-Position system for indoor tracking of drones.
The application was demonstrated at the Toy Fair 2016.

GamesOnTrack launches combined radio control and positioning for N-scale trains

GamesOnTrack has expanded its position and control system to cover scale N-train. The problem to solve is the huge number of cables and trackcutting and misising DCC over rails which caused the N-scale drivers grat pain.
The new radio decoder is planned to solve that. It was demonstrated at the Toy Fair 2016.

GamesOnTrack launches Sound for LEGO(R) trains and City buildings

GamesOnTrack A/S launches GT-Xcontrol Sound. The capabilities of our leading GT-Position and GT-Command control systems for LEGO are expanded with an electronic sound brick for any vehicle or building. All sounds are individually controlled and location aware on the basis of vehicle position or any human interaction. Users can upload their own sounds to GT-Xcontrol Sound.
Attached file:    Lego Sound Press (250 Kb)

GamesOnTrack® launches GT-SDK - a 3D position and control SW development kit with HW components for moving toys.

GamesOnTrack A/S expands the options for development organizations, universities, and third parties to build 3D positioning into their moving vehicles and to control these via radio. The GT-SDK allows you to build a system with a position precision down to 10 mm. PC-SDK contains all SW functions required for accessing distances and positions, obtaining measurement quality as well as functions required for automatic calibration equipment for indoor satellite systems.  GT-SDK also includes an initial set of satellites and HW beacons for moving vehicles.

GamesOnTrack A/S develops in-door positioning for Drones

A consortium of 3 private companies, Sky-Watch A/S, Reseiwe A/S, and GamesOnTrack A/S, is in collaboration with the Institute for Electronic Systems at  Aalborg University to develop a technological platform for safe in-door flying with drones. The total project has a budget of approx.  € 2.5m and Innovation Fund Denmark supports the project with approx. € 1.5m. The purpose of the project is to exploit drones for in-door purposes within areas which are difficult to access, hazardous for people to be in or which are not cost-effective with normal technology.
Attached file:    UAW Press (298 Kb)

GamesOnTrack launches support for LEGO(R) trains

At the Nuremberg Toy Fair a new product for control and position of LEGO(R) trains has been launched for general availability in 2Q 2014.

Please see the uploaded press announcement.

New Container game Nuremberg 2013

Please read about the new Container game, driven by the Position components already available in model trains and in Faller Car 3.0
Attached file:    GT-Container (74 Kb)

GT-Xconnect , the new paradigm for DCC, announced in Nuremberg 2013

Read about the GT-Xconnect product, which is used in the Faller Car 3.0 as well as in other model trains and control equipments.
This product is available for OEM-producers who wants unique position and control in the same spot.
Attached file:    GT-Xconnect (36 Kb)

About GT-Command

In this article you can read about the features of GT-Command.
Further you will get in idea of how the voice control works and make it possible to control your model trains without the stationary hand-held controller.
Attached file:    About GT-Command (113 Kb)

About GT-Position

The article gives you an overall discription of how the GT-Position works.
You can read how we currently use GT-Position in connection with model trains, and how the system fundtions. Further, you can read about the vision for GT-Position, and how we have extended the use to include other types of moving objects.
Attached file:    About GT-Position (127 Kb)
Read also about the new extensions for the GT-Command system, which is our voice-control system that enables you to control several moving objects without anything but a head-set. New extensions make it possible to have 8 simultanious users, 8 simultanious automation programs and use 3 different languages at the same time. Further, all possibilities of GT-Command is exploited to the fullest when it runs together with GT-Position.
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Indoor Positioning

Imagine the GPS was inside your house, imagine it had a precision of 10 mm. And continue to think of all your movements, your electronics, your playing devices, your games, your facilities and yourself being adopted and location aware.

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Robot Games
Read about the the challenge creating, building and playing robot games. And why this is an important driver for developing.
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The technical challenge
Students around the world spend time and efforts getting the moving robots to act together like intelligent agents. An example is a student project at Århus University.
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