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Businesspark Struer Facilities
GamesOntrack New Office facilities at Fælledvej 17, 7600 Struer.

Behind GamesOnTrack A/S


GamesonTrack A/S is located in Struer in Denmark:
Development and office is located at:
Businesspark Struer
Fælledvej 17
Dk-7600 Struer

The Company address is
Uhresøvej 35
Dk 7500 Holstebro
Tel: +45 2064 9622

The GamesOnTrack Team

CEO, Product Management: Niels Bo Theilgaard
COO, Sales and new projects Poul Søjberg
SW-Architect and SW-design: Per Pasgaard
Electronics and embedded Software: Knud Tangsgaard
Electronic Development: Jonathan Geisler
Project Engineer Jacob T. Madsen
Control Engineer: Martin Pedersen
Support and License Manager: Claus Nielsen
HW-design, purchase, and production: Søren Rahbek
Translations and marketing material: Henny Schiøler

Founder and CEO: Niels Bo Theilgaard

Niels Bo is the CEO and founder of GamesOntrack A/S. He has a long career in the software industry. Recently he left Microsoft as General Manager in Microsoft Business Solutions in Vedbæk, Denmark.
He was CTO in Navision A/S when Microsoft took over. He has founded, and helped grow Beologic A/S as a spin off from Bang & Olufsen and sold it to Baan. He has a long employment in various parts of Bang & Olufsen as well prior to all that.
Currently he is on the board of several Danish start up software companies, see


Chairman of the Board: Andres Theilgaard Madsen

M.Sc., Ph.D. in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, DTU

Board member: Søren Hebsgaard

Søren is a senior Software Marketeer and technology evangelist with a long tradition in large software companies like Oracle and Microsoft. Søren recently left Microsoft in Denmark as a Director, Developer- and Platform Evangelism, and is now Business Manager at Software Innovation A/S. Søren has created a lot of connections and support for many software ventures in The Øresund Region, as well in the mainstream application areas as in the more specialized gaming and geo-positioning area. Søren is board member of more software companies in Denmark.

Board member: Carsten Sørensen

Carsten Sørensen is Vice President of ABB Oil & Gas Process Automation Division in Denmark. Prior to this Carsten was Vice President of the ABB Robotics Division. Carsten also has a background in the IT industry working for first IBM and later on for Microsoft. One of his experience areas is mobile communication and applications. He had a leading role within this technology area in the global Microsoft R&D organization, and afterwards at the Microsoft ISV partner thy:solutions, where he as Vice President of Product Management was responsible for developing their business within mobile business applications across several industries.


About GamesOnTrack A/S

GamesOnTrack A/S is a small but internationally working company with a very strong niche product in Indoor Positioning. We develop our own products in SW and electronics which support an easy to use 3D set of applications for any object moving indoor. Our customers range from high class technology companies in Europe and US, to  single users applying our solutions in their private environments.

Our workplace is Holstebro, however we also work partly in Germany and US together with our customers.
Among other things GamesOnTrack provides the indoor position solution for the Danish UAW-project and we take pride in demonstrating our 10 mm precision technology for many different and growing application types.

3D SW is difficult to make simple, we do our outmost to have private customers who understand what indoor positions really means in order for us to provide better and high quality solutions to other companies who then can embed and integrates our graphical solutions into their products. Enabling a small vehicle or drone drawing a sharp picture of routes and frames in 3 D  is a challenging and fun trigger for us helping customers to use positioning for simpler and better automatic solutions.
Latest news
11.15.2021 1:36:00 PM
GOTposition - New brand for our industrial solutions. --- Enabling...
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Indoor Positioning

Imagine the GPS was inside your house, imagine it had a precision of 10 mm. And continue to think of all your movements, your electronics, your playing devices, your games, your facilities and yourself being adopted and location aware.

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