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Location aware speed

The speed and direction of a vehicle can be set by various methods:
- Manual speed control as we know it with controllers and bottons
- Location aware speed which is determined by the traffic and oher vehicles and objects on the road or track
- Automatic speed sontrol which on top of the traffic sets certains desired speed steps for the vehicles or stop them.

GT-Command operates with "Desired speed" and "Actual speed".
Desired speed is what you set the vehicle to drive if it possible.
Actual speed is what the vehicle actually decides to do based on other vehicles, road signs, stop-lights, distance control, virtual Blocks etc.

Ordinary DCC-controllers for model trains constitues a security risk. The DCC method is that if you turn the knob then the controller actually imposes the speedsteps as DCC-impulses direcly on the track, without knowing anything about any intelligence of what is running, other vehicles , traffic etc. Therefore, it is a waste of money to buy the expensive and old fashinoned DCC-controllers. If you want the intelligent location aware drive you only need a simple DCC-controller like the IB-COM which is totally controlled by the PC. If you use radio controlled decoders like our GT-Xcontrol then you do not need any DCC-controller.

On the Picture the marker shows the desired speed, and the blue bar shows the actual speed, in this case they are identical.If as an example the train was stopped in front of a red signal,the marker might show the same, but the actual blue bar would be 0. When the light goes green then stepwise the actual speed will reach the marker.

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